Supporting women injured by mesh

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Despite their wide usage across the health service, women began reporting complications associated with vaginal mesh implants several years ago, with some suffering excruciating pain and injury. Some of the complications have had profound impacts on patients’ lives, meaning they can be unable to move properly or go to work. With many having to simply live with this irrevocable damage, we are supporting women injured by mesh to claim the compensation they deserve.

Designed to treat pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence, the use of mesh implants has since been restricted by the NHS, meaning they can only be implanted in cases where there are usually no other options available. Nevertheless, many women are still suffering the repercussions of the devices, which have been used for around 20 years.

If you believe you have been caused unjust and avoidable injury as a result of vaginal mesh implants, you may have a claim to make. We understand how sensitive this issue can be, and we are happy to offer free, no-obligation advice regarding your mesh complications.

Women betrayed by their doctors

Many women may feel hugely betrayed by their doctors, as many were unaware of the potential side-effects associated with mesh implants. As a result of vaginal mesh, women have suffered complications such as chronic pain, loss of mobility, organ damage, depression, and impaired sexual function.

When doctors should have been supporting women injured by mesh implants, some were completely rejecting their concerns. Some women reported being told that they were imagining their complications, with the feeling that there was a sense of denial in the healthcare system as to how severe this scandal really was.

How we are supporting women injured by mesh

We are supporting women injured by mesh to claim compensation for the harm caused. In our view, supporting women injured by mesh involves more than just a simple claim for damages; we want to ensure that every claimant receives compensation that can make it easy to manage their condition in the long term.

It is for this reason that we can fully review all the possible sources of compensation for your mesh claim. Beyond claiming for the pain and suffering, we can look ahead to how your condition may affect your life in the long term. For example, we can aim to recover compensation for ongoing or recurring costs in relation to any private treatment, medication, mobility aids, payments for caregivers, travel expenses for hospital appointments, and lost earnings if you need any time off work. Even if you are unable to work for the rest of your life, we can aim to account for all these future financial losses in as part of a legal case.

Claim compensation for your mesh complications

As specialists in medical negligence claims, we believe that many healthcare professionals may have let women down with the use of vaginal mesh implants, and a simple apology is not enough. Beyond the change that needs to happen within the health community, we want to ensure that each individual victim receives the compensation that they deserve.

We are already supporting women injured by mesh, so contact us to speak with a member of our expert team and receive free, no-obligation advice on your potential claim.

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