Mesh Implant

Thousands of women have suffered from mesh implant complications, with many forced to endure irreversible and catastrophic damage.

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Mesh Implant Complications

Since their use for treating pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and stress urinary incontinence (SUI), thousands of women have reported suffering from mesh implant complications, with many now forced to endure irreversible and catastrophic damage.

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Mesh implant
complications can include:

  • Bleeding
  • Device protrusion that will require surgery to rectify
  • Erosion of the mesh implant device and / or the vaginal tissue
  • Incontinence
  • Infections
  • Internal injuries
  • Nerve damage (can cause pain and numbness)

Other complications
can include:

  • Neuromuscular problems (impairment of the muscles)
  • Organ perforation (e.g. perforation of the bladder or bowel during the procedure)
  • Pain: some women have reported constant vaginal and abdominal pain, leaving some unable to work or even walk
  • Prolapsing
  • Reduced mobility
  • Sexual function problems: pain (dyspareunia) during sexual intercourse

The level of the pain that women may suffer has left some victims incapacitated and on high dosages of medication to manage their conditions, and one U.S. lawyer has said that mesh implant complications make the devices as dangerous as asbestos.

Relapses of the very conditions (some listed above, such as unitary incontinence) that Transvaginal Mesh and Transvaginal Tape is supposed to treat can also occur.

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mesh implant complications

How Common Are
Mesh Implant Complications?

Safety concerns have been flooding in as far back as 2008, yet mesh implant devices are still being used...

Mesh implant procedures should usually lead to pain and discomfort for a few days with some bleeding, and the procedures are largely carried out on an out-patient basis with women leaving the hospital on the day of the procedure. The prognosis for returning to normality, including sexual intercourse, is supposed to be up to three months.

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However, the product design and surgical implantation technique has resulted in thousands of women worldwide suffering from serious – and in some cases, irreversible – mesh implant complications.

Research in England has suggested that one in 11 women have experienced mesh implant complications. Other research has put the figure at more than 20%.

With the increasing amount of reports about adverse consequences flooding in, the use of mesh implant devices has dramatically declined in recent years, but only in July 2018 did the NHS put a pause on their use in most cases, pending further inquiries.

Some women are not even aware that the mesh devices are permanent, resulting in mesh implant complications that occur coming as a surprise. Given that synthetic vaginal mesh is designed to stay in the body to permanently treat POP and SUI, revision surgery to treat mesh implant complications is incredibly hard to perform, and in some cases, is impossible.

Are Device Manufacturers
Hiding Knowledge Of Mesh Implant Complications?

As the legal actions have seen growing success, and the voices of those concerned have increased in volume, there are suggestions that mesh implant manufacturers have severely let women down and potentially misled us all in terms of the safety of their devices.

A leaked email from a major mesh implant manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson, reportedly suggested that they had known problems existed as far back as 2004.

Hundreds of devices have been subject to recalls worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of mesh implant devices have been fitted globally. With women suffering from severe and debilitating conditions that are caused by mesh implant complications, we must leave no stone unturned in the search for truth about the devices and the manufacturers behind this lucrative industry.

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