Can you win your pelvic mesh claim?

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Used to treat pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence, pelvic mesh implants have been in use for around 20 years, with tens of thousands of UK women having the devices implanted. In recent years, the dangers of vaginal mesh emerged into the public consciousness, with an alarming number of women reporting severe and often lifelong complications. We have been compelled to act against this injustice, so if you come to us for legal advice, we will aim to win your pelvic mesh claim to ensure you are fairly compensated for the harm caused.

Now, pelvic mesh implant operations have been under pauses and greater scrutiny here in the UK, but they can still be carried out under certain circumstances. Nevertheless, we believe that more must be done to establish how this scandal was allowed to happen, and to ensure that women are protected in future. By making a compensation claim, you can ensure that your suffering does not go unnoticed.

The injustice of pelvic mesh

Despite their long-term approval by medical product regulators and health professionals, an alarming number of women fitted with devices have reported complications. Sometimes, the issues can be minor, but the more harmful side-effects can include:

  • mesh exposure/erosion- when the mesh cuts or pokes through vaginal or other internal tissue;
  • vaginal scarring;
  • bleeding;
  • internal infections;
  • chronic pain;
  • inhibited sexual function.

For some, the complications can come years after undergoing the implantation procedure, and can often come as a huge shock. In fact, many victims have reported being unaware of the risks of pelvic mesh implants, some of which their doctors should have disclosed to them.

As a result of the complications, women have often had to undergo profound changes to their way of life, with some suffering mobility and chronic pain issues which can stop them from working, getting around normally, and performing basic everyday tasks.

How we aim to win your pelvic mesh claim

Using our expertise in medical negligence and our experience of pelvic mesh cases, we aim to win your pelvic mesh claim when you appoint us to represent you. We know that these cases can be complex and highly sensitive, but we know how to guide you through the process and evaluate all the options to ensure that you receive the pay-out you deserve.

To win your pelvic mesh claim, we can carefully consider the negligent care you may have received, supplementing our legal insight with the opinion of a medical specialist to ensure we can present a strong, substantiated case. Just as importantly, we can also evaluate all the adverse consequences you have suffered to ensure that your compensation amount is as fair as possible. We aim to recover a General Damages pay-out to cover the pain, suffering and loss of amenity caused, as well as Special Damages to account for any financial losses or expenses that may have been incurred. This means that you can receive the financial support you need to cover ongoing treatment costs, medication costs, travel expenses for appointments, and lost earnings due to your inability to work, where this applies.

Start your claim today

We believe that medical product manufacturers and medical professionals have a lot to answer for when it comes to pelvic mesh surgery. The long-term denial of the dangers of pelvic mesh implants is one of the greatest injustices in medical care that we have ever seen, which is why we are determined to see that victims are fairly compensated.

If you are looking to win your pelvic mesh claim, you could place your case in no better hands than ours. As specialists in medical negligence and group actions, you can contact us for free, no-obligation advice here now.

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