Vaginal mesh complications can leave women feeling suicidal

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Despite their long-term approval by medical product regulators and the NHS, vaginal mesh implants have been associated with a number of incredibly harmful and debilitating medical complications. Unfortunately, the side-effects of mesh implants do not always stop at physical pain and injury, as they can also have a severe impact on victims’ mental health. In some cases, it can provoke depression, and can even leave women feeling suicidal.

With such severe consequences at stake, it is unacceptable that vaginal mesh implants have been used so widely across the NHS for so many years. In fact, we believe that many of the affected women may have been victims of some form of medical negligence. This could be where their doctors chose to recommend mesh surgery when there were better alternatives, or where people were harmed due to surgical mistakes, or where there has been a failure to warn patients of the risks of vaginal mesh implants. In some of these cases, victims may be eligible to make compensation claims.

Even with our years of experience in medical negligence claims, we have seen few treatment scandals of this scale and nature. We know that nothing can reverse the harm and trauma caused to victims in some cases, so we want to ensure that you receive the financial support you deserve to help you manage your condition if this is all that can be done for you.

Mesh complications leave women feeling suicidal

Having represented many women for legal compensation cases, we know that there is much more to a case like this than just the physical harm. The physical harm is bad enough, but the impact that this can then have on a person’s mental health can also be devastating.

And this is no secret at all. Many women have told their stories and have revealed that the extent of the mesh complications can leave women feeling suicidal. Some victims can develop depression and/or anxiety having been victims of the devices going wrong, with some sadly suffering from suicidal thoughts.

Mesh complications and compensation claims

With the complications including chronic pain, bleeding, mesh erosion through organs or vaginal tissue, damage to organ function, and mobility problems, it is unsurprising that mesh implants can leave women feeling suicidal. Some victims have to live their lives entirely differently, as they can be unable to walk, work or perform basic everyday tasks. And the pain – in some cases – can be ruthless, and this can be incredibly hard on a person’s mental health.

We understand how profoundly women’s lives can be impacted by mesh complications, which is why we can look to account for all relevant factors when making a claim. Victims can be eligible to recover compensation for their pain and suffering, as well as for any losses or expenses incurred. In terms of the financial impact, compensation pay-outs can cover things like lost earnings, medication expenses, treatment costs, and even travel expenses for journeys to and from appointments. In fact, in cases where mesh implants leave women feeling suicidal or depressed, we may be able to recover the costs of private therapy as part of your claim as well. If it is needed and will help you, it should be formed as part of a legal case.

Make your claim

As specialists in medical negligence claims, we can offer free, no-obligation advice to anyone who has suffered vaginal mesh complications. It may be that your complications arose or worsened due to negligent treatment and, if so, you deserve to be fairly compensated for the harm caused.

If you are considering making a claim, you can contact our team today for a discussion, or you can register your details online so we can get back to you.

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