Prolapsing after vaginal mesh surgery


For many years, vaginal mesh was an accepted medical device, with perhaps many people taking its safety for granted. However, over the past few years, patients’ stories and independent investigations have revealed that vaginal mesh has caused severe complications for a number of patients. Vaginal mesh complications can vary widely in nature, but one of the most notable consequences is that pelvic organs can end up prolapsing.

It is this symptom that can prove vaginal mesh is completely unfit for purpose in some cases, as the implants are specifically used to treat pelvic organ prolapse for some patients, as well as stress urinary incontinence. Prolapse can already cause difficult practical implications for women, so when coupled with the pain often associated with vaginal mesh complications, the condition can become debilitating.

If you have suffered from complications as a result of vaginal mesh, we want to ensure that your voice can be heard. In a medical negligence claim, vaginal mesh victims could be eligible to recover compensation for the suffering that they have endured. If we are able to prove a medical practitioner was guilty of negligence, you may be able to access thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds in compensation.

Vaginal mesh implants and prolapsing

Often occurring in menopausal-age women or those who have undergone childbirth, pelvic organ prolapse describes the condition in which one or more of the organs located in the pelvic region drop or move from their position and press into the vagina. Pain or discomfort in this area can be a first indication that prolapsing has begun.

In some cases, prolapse can be treated with pelvic floor exercises or weight loss, but it can also require reparative surgery. Vaginal mesh was previously used as an accepted means of holding the prolapsing pelvic organs in place, but it is now usually only available in cases where there is no alternative, due to the evidence of complications.

In fact, because the mesh itself can be unable to stay in place, organs can begin prolapsing again. The movement of the mesh can also be associated with organ damage, nerve damage, and protrusion through the vaginal tissue.

Can I make a vaginal mesh compensation claim?

There is a fairly long list of symptoms that can make victims eligible to claim (go to our complications page to find out more), but the most important thing to remember is that medical causation has to be established. This means that we have to be able to prove a link between your suffering and the actions of a medical practitioner. For example, it may be that you were poorly advised about the risks of vaginal mesh treatments, or that the use of vaginal mesh was not in fact the right course of treatment for your condition.

In a claim, victims can recover compensation for the pain, suffering and inconvenience caused, and they can recover losses and expenses where they have been incurred. This could include lost earnings if you have been unable to work, or it could cover the costs of pain medication.

Make your claim today

It only takes a few simple steps to register the details of your vaginal mesh complication via our online form, and then we can get started on establishing your eligibility to claim. We are happy to offer free, no-obligation advice to anyone considering making a claim and, as specialists in medical negligence, you can trust that we will handle your claim with care and sensitivity.

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