Timeframes for a claim for pelvic mesh compensation


Medical negligence cases can be highly complex, and it can take years to establish where the blame lies, and how much compensation the claimant should receive. As medical injury cases can be highly sensitive, they must be handled thoroughly, so the timeframes for a claim can be lengthy. Nevertheless, we know how important it is for vaginal mesh claimants to see justice done, which is why we aim to work efficiently to get the process moving swiftly.

However, when proceeding with a vaginal mesh claim, it is important to be aware that the claim process could take months or even years. We will need to explore every avenue of your potential negligence claim to back up our case to make it as strong as possible. This is vital if we are to have the best chance of winning the case and succeeding with the maximum possible compensation amount.

Having specialised in medical negligence claims and pelvic mesh cases for many years, our team is well-equipped to handle your case with the care and sensitivity that it deserves. It is unacceptable that so many patients have fallen victim to such harmful vaginal mesh complications, so we want to seek justice for as many claimants as possible.

When should you start your claim?

First of all, it is important to highlight that you only have a limited amount of time to make a claim. Under normal circumstances, claimants may have to make their vaginal mesh claim within three years of realising or finding out that their complications had arisen as a result of negligence.

This is not a fixed thing, as the law when it comes to limitation can vary. To establish precisely how long you have, you should seek formal advice without delay. The above is just the general guidance, and we always recommend starting a case as soon as you can and making sure you establish the final limitation date that you have to pursue the claim. You can read more about deadlines here.

The timeframes for a claim – how long does the process take?

It is hard to put exact numbers on the timeframes for a claim, as several different factors may need to be accounted for. First of all, we need to do preliminary investigations into your vaginal mesh claim to find evidence that your complications arose as a result of negligence. This will likely involve looking at your medical records and seeking the opinion of an independent medical expert.

Timeframes for a claim can also depend on how easy it is to establish liability; as in, setting out who was to blame for your complications, and what kind of negligence we are looking at. These factors can also be taken into account when valuing your claim, as is the degree of the suffering that you have endured. In fact, agreeing upon a compensation settlement can take a considerable amount of negotiation, with the back and forth lengthening the duration of the claim process as well. It is needed as it is all about securing you the best resolution that we can achieve.

Rest assured that we have a specialist and intuitive approach to making negligence claims. Our relationships with medical specialists and our familiarity with this area of law means that we are always fully prepared for any hindrances that may get in our way.

Start your claim today

We know it may seem daunting to embark upon a vaginal mesh claim, particularly after the pain and injury you have suffered. We can assure you that we take as much of the stress off your hands by dealing with all the complex details as part of the case.

To find out more about your potential case and the timeframes for a claim, contact our team for free, no-obligation advice today.

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