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With safety concerns dating back to over a decade, there are ongoing controversies surrounding vaginal mesh implants. They are still in use, despite known complications and calls to ban the treatment. Countless patient testimonies have condemned the implants for being unfit for purpose and causing debilitating pain, and much of the outrage can stem from poor advice about risks that some women received prior to treatment.

Trusting in the openness of their doctors, it appears that many women were not properly informed about the potential consequences of undergoing this controversial procedure. If you consider yourself a victim of inadequate advice about mesh treatments, you may be eligible to claim compensation with us, and you may be eligible for No Win, No Fee legal representation.

Your right to sufficient medical advice

All patients are entitled to receive comprehensive information prior to medical treatments and surgical procedures. As such, if a doctor or healthcare professional fails to disclose all the risks and potential complications involved in a course of treatment, this can represent a severe misstep and can be a breach of their duty of care for you.

In the case of vaginal mesh implants, some patients have been given severely poor advice about risks. This may have meant that many women were not told about several life-changing possible complications, which can include:

  • bleeding;
  • nerve damage;
  • chronic pain;
  • reduced mobility (some have difficulty walking).

In fact, many women have suffered from prolapsing and incontinence, which can constitute relapses of the very conditions that the implants are supposed to treat and resolve. Pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence are two of the main reasons for pelvic mesh devices being used.

It is highly unlikely that so many women would have consented to the implant operation had they known the severity of the consequences that they could face. It seems improbable that all medical professionals had fully reviewed the treatment before offering it to patients as well.

Compensation claims for poor advice about risks of vaginal mesh

Whatever the causes of such poor advice about risks, there is no excuse for suggesting a treatment without disclosing the possible negative side-effects. Ultimately, this can take away a patient’s ability to give informed consent.

This inability to give informed consent is a circumstance that many medical negligence claims can hinge upon. In particular, in compensation claims for vaginal mesh, this is an even more important factor, because the procedure is typically irreversible. Consequently, misinformed patients may be stuck with life-altering side-effects which they were not even made aware of.

As the vaginal mesh implant is still a widely accepted treatment across the medical profession, insufficient advice can be one of the key factors allowing you to claim. It can be difficult to blame individual doctors for performing an allowed, legal procedure unless they have neglected to advise you of risks.

Claiming with The Vaginal Mesh Lawyers

If you have been the victim of poor advice about risks regarding vaginal mesh implants, please do not hesitate to contact us about your potential claim.

At The Vaginal Mesh Lawyers, we have extensive experience in medical negligence claims and group action cases. Both of these skills are vital in the vaginal mesh group action which could arise should high numbers of claimants come forward.

Do not suffer in silence, as you could be entitled to compensation. With millions of dollars paid out to vaginal mesh victims in the US, we anticipate that the work of lawyers and campaigners in the UK could help to hold culpable medical professionals and product regulators to account.

Speak to our team here for free, no-obligation advice now.

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