Losses and expenses claims for vaginal mesh implants

Costs, Losses and Expenses

With many patients experiencing severe, life-altering complications as a result of vaginal mesh implants, the criticism of the treatment has been mounting in recent years. Many victims’ testimonies reveal the profound pain and suffering they have been forced to endure, demonstrating that the emotional impact for those affected can be severe. However, there can also be practical, financial implications for victims meaning that, when a compensation claim is made, it is also possible to obtain a pay-out to cover losses and expenses.

As experts in medical negligence and group action claims, we believe that medical professionals and product regulators may have a lot to answer for regarding the use of vaginal mesh implants. It appears that many patients were unaware of the risks involved in the treatment when they agreed to it, meaning that they may have been poorly advised by their medical team.

While the effects of mesh implants can be largely irreversible, a compensation claim can help to achieve justice for any harm caused. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice if you think you may have been affected.

The cost of vaginal mesh implants

Although vaginal mesh implants are still approved by the MHRA (Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency), there have been reports suggesting a worrying complication rate. Some problems may take a while to develop, but the medical complications of mesh implants can include:

  • bleeding;
  • pain, sometimes causing reduced mobility;
  • internal injuries and infections;
  • erosion of mesh or vaginal tissue;
  • organ perforation (implant cuts into urethra or bowel);
  • nerve damage;
  • relapse of prolapse and/or incontinence, the conditions which the mesh is designed to prevent.

You can read more about the complications here.

These medical issues can lead to considerable, everyday difficulties for those affected, whether they struggle to move or exercise, or can no longer work. The losses and expenses that can result from these lifestyle changes are factors that can be taken into consideration in a compensation claim.

Claiming compensation for losses and expenses

There are usually two categories of damages that can typically apply in a vaginal mesh claim: General Damages and Special Damages. While General Damages can cover the pain, suffering and inconvenience caused, Special Damages can take into account the financial costs, allowing victims to be reimbursed for the losses and expenses that they would not have incurred if they had not suffered from complications.

For example, if you must take time off work intermittently when the pain is at its worst, or even if you can no longer work at all, the compensation pay-out can reflect the sum of these lost earnings. Other costs could include mobility aids, medication, private treatment, or the costs for travel to and from appointments.

When the negligence of medical professionals has greatly affected your quality of life, easing the stress and financial difficulties of your life is the least that we want to be able to help you with.

Make your claim for compensation today

To claim for losses and expenses, as well as for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity issues, those who have been adversely affected by vaginal mesh implants can come to us for legal representation.

We believe that this is one of the most serious injustices ever seen in the health service, so we will do everything we can to support those affected to claim compensation.

You can register your details in the form below, or contact us for free, no-obligation advice on your potential claim.

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