Vaginal mesh scandal worldwide news: the expert that has helped settle claims

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In important worldwide news about the vaginal mesh scandal, an expert who has helped thousands of victims in the U.S. settle claims has hit out at the plastic used in pelvic mesh devices.

Chartered Chemist Dr Chris DeArmitt has given testimonies that have reportedly helped some 9,000 women in America settle their cases out of court. He says that the testing on the plastic used for the devices is “way less than you would see on a vacuum cleaner or a washing machine”, which is incredibly worrying.

Given the severity of pelvic mesh compilations and how badly they can affect people, it’s incredibly important that the voices of experts like Dr DeArmitt are heard as the worldwide fight for justice continues.

Latest in worldwide vaginal mesh scandal news

This latest news from across the pond about the worldwide vaginal mesh scandal involves expert criticism over the plastic used in the devices. It’s yet more evidence that the mesh is often rejected by the body and shouldn’t be used for the surgical procedures that it’s used for.

Of course, we welcome the news, although the expert’s comments do not form as direct evidence in UK compensation claims given that the U.S. is a separate legal jurisdiction. That being said, it can be a useful tool in our arsenal as we continue to fight for the rights of victims here in England and Wales.

What could happen now?

If healthcare bosses here in the UK are listening to the expert evidence from Dr DeArmitt, they may take the comments on board which could lead to further action here.

There are thought to be potentially tens of thousands of people who have been affected by the ongoing vaginal mesh scandal, and many of those women are here in the UK.

In April, we saw the revised guidelines that have been heavily criticised, particularly concerning the long-term impact of suffering and complications when mesh surgery has gone wrong. We hope that the NHS in particular will take note of the evidence and consider the use of vaginal mesh this side of the ocean.

What can victims do?

If you have suffered any form of problems or complications as a victim of the vaginal mesh scandal, you may be able to make a claim for personal injury compensation with us.

We can offer No Win, No Fee representation and a female lawyer to represent you in the case. Our initial advice is available on a free and no-obligation basis, and our team are happy to help you with any queries you may have.

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