Are manufactures hiding surgical mesh problems?

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There are some who believe that certain manufacturers have been hiding surgical mesh problems since the day they launched their products in the market.

Many manufacturers continue to deny that there’s anything wrong with the products they produce and sell, and some have passed the responsibility for problems on to alleged poor surgical technique. The longstanding debates and disputes over the safety and efficacy of vaginal mesh looks set to continue for quite some time, especially given the recent guideline reviews in the UK that have faced heavy criticism.

At the centre of all these issues remains the patients; some of whom have been left with severe and permanent complications. If side-effects of mesh have been hidden, the consequences must be severe.

Are some manufacturers hiding surgical mesh problems?

In a recent trial in America, opening statements made candid allegations against Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, Ethicon, in relation to them allegedly hiding surgical mesh problems.

Claims have been made that they allegedly knew about the potential for painful and lifelong problems, yet still put the devices to market anyway. Claims have also been made that they allegedly falsely marketed their mesh products as well.

Whether this is true or not remains to be seen. It could be hard to force an admission from a company who may have behaved this way, and we would expect that manufacturers will continue strenuously dispute blame for the problems pelvic mesh devices can cause.

Further worries for the patients

Allegations that manufacturers may be hiding surgical mesh problems will no doubt increase the stress and worry for those patients who have been suffering with problems.

Many women were unaware as to how badly they could end up suffering, and how severe and permanent pelvic mesh complications could be.

And that’s one of the major issues that surrounds the use of the devices, and why altered guidelines came into force earlier this year.

What can suffering women do?

If some manufacturers have been hiding surgical mesh problems, or hiding their knowledge of potential problems, this could help with a claim for personal injury compensation.

We can’t turn back the clock, and what’s done is done. What we can do, however, is represent you on a No Win, No Fee basis for a legal case.

You can always speak to our team for some free, no-obligation advice.

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