Vaginal mesh recovery problems – claiming compensation


In recent years, vaginal mesh has been used widely across health services in the UK as a means of treating problems such as prolapse and incontinence in female patients. However, it was not until many women came forward to report serious complications that concerns were raised about the safety of the medical device. Even as campaigners strive to have the use of vaginal mesh banned permanently, this is not the end for some affected women, as many are suffering from vaginal mesh recovery problems.

When vaginal mesh complications occur they can, unfortunately, be very difficult for the symptoms to abate in some instances. This is largely due to the difficulty in removing the implants as they are designed to be permanent. This can mean that only specialist surgeons have the skills required to execute the removal procedure and, in some cases, only partial removal can be possible.

We believe that the responsibility for vaginal mesh complications may lie, in part, with the medical professionals who treated affected patients, and manufacturers in some instances also. In cases where we can prove that your vaginal mesh complications were caused by the negligence of your doctor, you could be in line to receive compensation.

Vaginal mesh recovery problems – difficulties for patients

There can be a range of complications that have been found to potentially emerge following vaginal mesh surgery, including:

  • pain;
  • bleeding;
  • infection;
  • nerve damage;
  • erosion (of mesh or vaginal tissue);
  • organ perforation (into bladder or bowel);
  • bladder and bowel dysfunction;
  • mobility issues;
  • relapse of prolapse/urinary incontinence.

Such complications can be difficult enough in the short term, but they can become even more harmful when a patient is facing vaginal mesh recovery problems, causing the complications to become chronic. There can be cases in which patients have been forced to face up to significant adjustments to their lives; for example, cases of perforation into the bladder or urinary tract can force patients to use a catheter permanently, while pain and erosion may be capable of leaving patients with permanent mobility issues.

What can patients do?

For some patients, the solution to vaginal mesh recovery problems may be within their reach. Mesh removal surgery can be the primary way in which to resolve problems but, as confirmed above, it is not always successful. With mesh designed to be permanent, it is not easy at all to remove an implanted mesh device.

In the face of continued vaginal mesh recovery problems that cannot be resolved, patients may be able to make medical negligence claims. If you believe that your doctor caused your mesh complications or lessened your chances of recovery, you could be entitled to compensation. You could be eligible to claim where your problems have resolved, or where they cannot be resolved at all.

Make your compensation claim for vaginal mesh recovery problems  

As specialists in group actions and medical negligence claims, we want to use our legal expertise to ensure patients can recover the compensation they deserve for any harm caused by vaginal mesh complications. This widespread issue must not be ignored, as patients can be entitled to stand up for their rights and seek the justice they deserve.

If you are considering making a claim, contact our team today for free, no-obligation advice.

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