Protrusion injuries caused by vaginal mesh

Surigcla mesh problems

Since the dangers of vaginal mesh began to emerge, many different kinds of complications have been reported. Many of the complications associated with vaginal mesh involve significant pain and injury, with protrusion injuries sometimes being one of the more serious problems.

Protrusion can occur when vaginal mesh erodes or cuts through the vagina and affects surrounding tissue, and sometimes even nearby organs. The complication can demonstrate a failure of the mesh implant to stay in place, and it can be capable of causing severe pain for those affected. Protrusion can also lead to further side-effects and can lead to permanent or long-lasting problems and damage, so this is a very serious issue indeed.

Protrusion injuries and the possibility of removal surgery

Protrusion injuries can be caused when vaginal mesh shifts from the position in which it was implanted. The mesh could protrude or cut through the vaginal tissue, and can also affect other organs in the surrounding area, such as the urinary tract, the bladder or the rectum. With such severe injuries, there can be a risk of pain and infection. Additionally, protrusion injuries could lead to vaginal scarring, nerve damage and neuromuscular problems (impairing of the muscles).

In cases where the mesh has moved and/or become exposed in this way, the natural solution could typically be to remove it. However, this is not always a simple process. This is partly because vaginal mesh implants are designed to be permanent. As such, complete removal of vaginal mesh can involve long, difficult surgery, and comes with its own risks of nerve and organ damage. In fact, in many cases, it is simply not possible to remove all or any of the mesh once it has been implanted, leaving some patients with permanent problems.

Very few surgeons have the specialist skills and experience necessary to carry out the removal procedure. In fact, it has previously been reported that some mesh patients have had to travel as far as the US in order to have their implants removed, which demonstrates the scarcity of qualified surgeons in some cases.

Mesh complications and compensation claims

Those who have suffered from protrusion injuries and any other complications associated with vaginal mesh could be eligible to claim compensation for any harm caused. To make your claim, we will usually need to establish that the negligence of a doctor or healthcare professional has caused you to be harmed. It may be that they failed to make you aware of the risks of the implants, or that they did not take your reports of complications or issues seriously.

Once negligence has been confirmed, we can value your claim on the basis of the pain, injury, distress, and financial losses and expenses caused by your vaginal mesh complications.

Make your claim with medical negligence specialists

As specialists in medical negligence, we believe it is unacceptable that these often-harmful implants were able to pass so many levels of approval and consequently cause so much harm to patients. We believe it is vital that any medical professionals who were responsible for treating their patients negligently in relation to vaginal mesh implants are held accountable for any harm that they have caused.

We can use our expertise in this area of law to fight for the maximum possible compensation amount, carefully evaluating your claim and supporting you through the process to ensure you can receive the pay-out you deserve. If you have any concerns or questions about making a claim, please do not hesitate to contact our specialist team for free, no-obligation advice.

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