TVT mesh complications

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The use of transvaginal tape (TVT) and mesh has caused some patients to suffer from serious pain and irreversible damage arising from TVT mesh complications.

TVT and TVM have been used to treat pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and stress urinary incontinence (SUI) for years. This is despite the record number of women who have been reporting complications and catastrophic damage from these devices since 2008.

The use of mesh implant devices has been dramatically reduced in recent years, but only in July 2018 did the NHS put a pause on their use in most cases. Despite this, transvaginal mesh and tape is still used in certain ‘unavoidable’ cases and still can still cause TVT mesh complications to this day.

TVT mesh complications

The level of the pain that some women may suffer from has left some victims incapacitated and on high dosages of medication to manage their conditions for life. In some cases, patients have experienced relapses of the conditions it was meant to treat in the first place as well.

One U.S. lawyer suggested that that mesh implant complications make the devices as dangerous as asbestos.

TVT mesh complications women have experienced can include any of the following:

  • Bleeding;
  • Device protrusion that will require surgery to rectify;
  • Erosion of the mesh implant device and / or the vaginal tissue;
  • Incontinence;
  • Infections;
  • Internal injuries;
  • Nerve damage (can cause pain and numbness);
  • Neuromuscular problems (impairment of the muscles);
  • Organ perforation (e.g. perforation of the bladder or bowel during the procedure);
  • Pain: some women have reported constant vaginal and abdominal pain, leaving some unable to work or even walk;
  • Prolapsing;
  • Reduced mobility;
  • Sexual function problems: pain (dyspareunia) during sexual intercourse.

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If you have experienced any of the above TVT mesh complications, you could be eligible to make a compensation claim with the Vaginal Mesh Lawyers.

How do you know if you have a claim?

There are a few legal grounds on which victims may be able to make a compensation claim. One is if they have been fitted with defective transvaginal mesh or transvaginal tape. We believe that a number of these devices are not safe and are not fit for purpose.

Another common legal ground would be surgical errors when implanting transvaginal mesh or transvaginal tape. This could be where devices have not been fitted properly by the surgeon, or if any damage to the surrounding tissues and organs has occurred during the procedure.

Another is if you have received inadequate advice about the potential for complications or alternative options available to you.

What can you claim for?

If you have suffered from TVT mesh complications and any of the below applies to you, you could be eligible to make a compensation claim.

A claim could include:

  • Damages for the pain and suffering;
  • Damages for the loss of amenity (in the cases of mesh compensation claims, the loss of physical ability or physical incapacity, and the loss of, or impaired, sexual function);
  • Damages to cover loss of earnings from time off work, including where a Claimant is unable to work at all (lost earnings claim that spans a lifetime can be high);
  • Damages for care and assistance: whether professionally-provided, or from friends and family;
  • Damages to cover pain management costs; treatment and medication.

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