NHS mesh operations halted after new review

nhs mesh operations halted

We’re pleased with the news that NHS mesh operations are being halted in light of a recent review chaired by Baroness Julia Cumberlege.

Although this isn’t a total stop on all NHS mesh operations, it’s a widespread pause on the procedures pending further investigation into the dangers of transvaginal tape and transvaginal mesh, particularly given the seriousness of the complications that can arise.

We’ve been advising women who have suffered complications from mesh operations since 2013, so the news of the halt is, to us, long overdue.

NHS mesh operations halt

The halt on NHS mesh operations stems from a recent review chaired by Baroness Julia Cumberlege. On the review, she said:

“I have been appalled at the seriousness and scale of the tragic stories we have heard from women and their families. We have heard from many women who are suffering terribly. Their bravery and dignity in speaking out is deeply moving, and their sadness, anger, pain and frustration at what has happened to them and others has been compelling. We had to act now.”

In 2017, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (also known as ‘NICE’) recommended that mesh should no longer be used to treat prolapses. In the past, NICE had also recommended incredibly stringent guidelines for where the procedure could be used in order to minimise the risks of a patient suffering lifelong complications.

Why we welcome the halt on NHS mesh operations

We welcome and support the recent ban on NHS mesh operations because we know the severity of the complications that can arise when things go wrong. Despite previous reviews suggesting that the benefits of the procedures outweigh the risks, we’ve seen increasing numbers of patients coming forward with complications as time has gone on.

There are a number of potential issues surrounding the use of mesh operations, including:

  • The safety of the devices themselves;
  • The nature of the complications that can arise, and the fact that they can be permanent;
  • The quality of the advice to patients, especially given how serious the complications can be;
  • The skill and / or expertise of the surgeons implanting the devices.

Have you suffered from compilations arising out of NHS mesh operations?

If you have suffered complications as a result of NHS mesh operations, please contact our team for free, no obligation, advice about your legal options.

Given that the complications are often serious and lifelong, we’re dedicated to helping you as best as we can. The ban on NHS mesh operations is a possible strep forward for wider justice, but when it comes to your personal circumstances, we’re here to help.

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