The problem with long-term pelvic mesh complications

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The issue with long-term pelvic mesh complications is that they can be permanent and severe, and there’s still too little evidence being properly assessed in many people’s view.

When the revised NICE guidelines were published last year that allowed the continuation of this controversial procedure, there was a suggestion that there was an absence of long-term knowledge. However, this has been strongly challenged on the basis that there are thousands of women worldwide who have been suffering serious mesh implant complications for years, yet their voices appear to not be heard.

We act for women who are suffering from irreversible damage from a vaginal mesh procedure. Although we can make sure that women are entitled to justice with a claim for personal injury compensation, we believe far more needs to be done to address the underlying problems.

The reality of long-term pelvic mesh complications

The reality of women who are suffering from long-term pelvic mesh complications remains a significant concern for us as lawyers. For the victims who are living with the problems, it’s hard for anyone to truly understand what they’re going through.

In some cases, women can be left with permanent and life-altering issues. Pelvic mesh devices are intended to be permanent, which means that it be hard – and in some cases, impossible – to remove the mesh once it has been fitted. This is where serious problems can happen, when there’s simply nothing that can be done to properly help a victim.

They can be left with permanent chronic pain and discomfort. This can have an impact on the body’s everyday functions and can cause incontinence and can in some cases prevent women from being able to have sexual intercourse ever again. There are also patients who are left unable to walk or work ever again as well, with pain described as like a burning sensation or wire-cutting sensation that never goes away.

When nothing can be done…

One of the big issues is that long-term pelvic mesh complications are perhaps not being treated as seriously as they ought to be.

In some cases, women can suffer from life-changing injuries, and there is sometimes nothing that can be done about it. Women did not consent to be sentenced to a lifetime of problems and complications, where all areas of their lives can be affected. Personal lives can be completely turned upside down, and in some cases, careers can be ruined.

Many women – and we as lawyers representing victims – would welcome far greater clarity in a saga that has been going on for decades. There should be thorough and open investigations to look at finer details of past cases, and there should be a clear and uniform strategy as to how women left with permanent complications will be helped.

What can you do?

We can’t turn back the clock and reverse the long-term pelvic mesh complications that some women are left suffering with. We appreciate that victims deserve answers, and they want to know why what was being done to them was never explained properly.

There are some patients who didn’t receive comprehensive advice about what they were agreeing to. There are instances where the seriousness and permanence of the pain and complications that could be endured were never highlighted as importantly as they should have been.

Now, we’re left with thousands of women suffering serious problems. Although some NHS trusts no longer offer the procedure, it isn’t banned completely; and this remains a concern.

In terms of legal advice and representation, we’re happy to speak to you on a completely free and no-obligation basis about your options.

We accept No Win, No Fee compensation claims where we can look to obtain some form of justice for you.

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