Making a pelvic mesh claim against a surgeon

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You can make a pelvic mesh claim against a surgeon if the negligence for any part of your problems and suffering arises from advice or operations that you have undergone.

In vaginal mesh compensation claims there can be several potential avenues for pursuing a case. It may be that there were better alternatives, or it could be that the device was defective or unsuitable for you. If it comes down to an advice or surgical aspect, that’s when you may have a legal case that needs to be directed against a surgeon.

With the problems and complications that patients can suffer from often being so severe, here’s some vital advice about your options and what you may be able to do.

Pelvic mesh claim against a surgeon

You can be entitled to bring a pelvic mesh claim against a surgeon, and we can represent victims on a No Win, No Fee basis for a legal case.

If any of the following applies, the whole of a claim – or at least a part of it – may need to be directed to the surgeon involved:

  • Surgical errors – which is an important one given that these kinds of procedures should only be carried out by very skilled surgeons. This includes errors during revision or removal procedures as well;
  • Negligent advice that resulted in undergoing the surgery when there were better alternatives;
  • A lack of clear advice about the potential risks that may have altered your decision to go ahead with the procedure;
  • A lack of follow-up care and an aftercare plan that leads to problems and complications.

It may be that a surgeon is partially responsible, and it’s important to know that there should be a treating consultant that has the overall conduct of your care. This will often be the surgeon, so their involvement is usually extensive.

How does a surgeon case work?

When you make a pelvic mesh claim against a surgeon, the case will normally go through an insurer or perhaps the NHS Trust or healthcare company that employs them. There should be some form of insurance or protection in place to make sure that legitimate victims who need to make a claim for compensation are able to do so.

When it comes to medical evidence that’s used to prove a case, we can obtain reports from independent experts. If you feel let down by the surgeon then you’re well within your rights to pursue alternative care with different consultants.

You can normally claim for:

  • General Damages: which is compensation for any pain, suffering and loss of amenity caused;
  • Special Damages: which covers losses and expenses, and can include lost earnings from time off work, or private medical care costs.

Advice today

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