Pelvic mesh support: compensation claims and the law

pelvic mesh support

Pelvic mesh support is incredibly important given that many patients end up suffering from irreversible damage caused by this controversial surgery.

As lawyers, we know that we can help by way of a claim for personal injury compensation which is designed to put a victim back – as much as is possible – in the position they were in prior to the negligence occurring. In this article, we will briefly explore how we can do this, how it can help, and how you can speak to our team for free, no-obligation advice today.

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Pelvic mesh support for compensation

Given how severe the complications can be that arise from the use of this still controversial surgery, pelvic mesh support is incredibly important. With some women left unable to walk or work ever again, it’s vital that there is help available for patients.

We are a specialist law firm that focuses on consumer rights cases, and we have a long history when it comes to medical implants. We represent a number of women for vaginal mesh compensation claims and have recovered millions of pounds in damages for medical product cases over a number of years. What we can do for patients is support them by way of a legal case, which can help in several ways.

A successful legal case can mean:

  • Compensation for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity you have suffered and will continue to suffer from in the future, where applicable;
  • Damages for losses and expenses, which could include a lost earnings claim to cover the rest of your working life if you are no longer able to work;
  • The cost of private surgery and treatment included as part of a claim to maximise your chances of recovering as much as is possible.

Not only can this mean you are helped and looked after, this kind of support can act as some form of closure as well. Whoever is responsible for the case will compensate you and you can use this money to help you for as long as is needed.

We can’t turn back the clock, and we know that no amount of compensation will truly ever make up for what has happened to some victims. But it can help, and that’s what we wish to achieve, and it’s all that we can really do.

What is the law for vaginal mesh claims?

We use the law to be able to offer the best pelvic mesh support we can by way of a legal case for compensation. When it comes to medical implants, the law is on your side and can allow you to be entitled to receive compensation if something has gone wrong.

What we need to do is establish that you have been the victim of some form of negligence. This could be because:

  • A surgical error or aftercare error led to the problems and complications;
  • There were better alternatives that were not offered when they ought to have been;
  • The advice about the extent and the severity of the complications and problems you could suffer from was not properly clear to you;
  • The implant itself is defective.

In any of the above scenarios, we may be able to establish that negligence has occurred. We can use a combination of our own legal experience and the opinions of private experts we instruct to help to establish this for you. Where negligence is established, you could be eligible to receive damages.

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It’s important that victims are able to access the pelvic mesh support that they need. When it comes to legal advice for a case, we are more than happy to offer free and no-obligation advice about your options.

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