Pelvic mesh inquiry results said to “vindicate” patients

pelvic mesh inquiry

It’s understood that the results of a pelvic mesh inquiry are set to “vindicate” patients who have been complaining of issues for years.

We represent a number of women for vaginal mesh compensation claims, so we know how bad people can suffer. In some cases, women have been left with irreversible damage that has changed their lives forever.

According to the Daily Mail, a review from the Independent Medicines And Medical Devices Safety is set to be published soon. Reportedly, the pelvic mesh inquiry review will reveal worrying revelations about how women suffering from  horrendous complications were reportedly doubted and ignored, despite presenting with serious symptoms. Others were said to have been questioned despite suffering from chronic pain and problems.

Pelvic mesh inquiry could be welcome news

Based on what the media reports are saying about the outcome of the pelvic mesh inquiry so far, it may come as a welcome relief for those who have been let down for years.

It’s understood that women who have been neglected by the healthcare service will soon see the results of an inquiry that supports their plight. Many have felt let down with the lack of care and treatment for those who are suffering from severe and permanent complications associated with pelvic mesh surgery. With some women understandably upset that they have been ignored, not believed, and even branded as “hysterical” for years, the outcome of this inquiry could go some way to helping.

We fully understand the plights of women who have been left with serious injuries and problems after being fitted with a vaginal mesh device. As the legal representatives for a number of clients in England and Wales, we know all too well just how badly some people can suffer.

We won’t ignore you

According to the media reports, it’s understood that the pelvic mesh inquiry is set to show that some women who have asked for help have been badly ignored.

We cannot turn back the clock, and we may not be able to reverse what has happened to you. One thing we can assure you is this: if you sign-up for a legal case with us, you won’t be ignored. We will fight for your right to justice and we will do all we can to make sure you have a voice.

Vaginal mesh compensation claims are often high value given the extent of the suffering and loss that clients experience. This is more than just a claim for damages in our eyes; we are here to be a part of the important support network that you need. As well as pursuing a case for compensation, we may also be able to assist with private treatment and surgery in some cases. It does all depend on the circumstances and whether the opponent has accepted liability or not, but there are options available.

How we can help you today

We can represent clients for compensation cases on a No Win, No Fee basis.

We are also more than happy to speak to patients on a free and completely no-obligation basis for advice. We can then assess the potential claim and let you know if we can help, and then offer our representation. It’s then totally up to you as to what you do.

To speak to the team today, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact page here.

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