Long-term complications and issues of mesh remain significant concern

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The potential for long-term complications and issues that patients can suffer from when they undergo a procedure involving vaginal mesh remains a serious cause for concern.

These medical devices are approved for use still here in the UK, and they have been used here and across the globe for decades. Despite this, some women have suffered from some horrendous injuries and complications arising from the use of mesh, and we are here to help any victims to pursue the justice that they may deserve.

The concerns over long-term complications and issues

The use of some mesh actually dates back to the mid-90’s, so we are now almost 30 years into its use with countless women worldwide having undergone the procedure. The concerns with regards to long-term complications and issues can be justified given that, in some cases, women’s lives can be completely changed forever.

Even in 2021, with vaginal mesh devices being in use for so long, we are still seeing new studies and papers published discussing the outcomes and complications of this controversial surgery. It can often take quite some time to be able to interpret initial data when it comes to the long-term efficacy and safety of such medical devices, but with thousands of women worldwide suffering horrendous complications, there is enough information right now to know that there is a problem.

In fact, the problem has been known, and has been around, for a number of years.

What is clear is that close and continuous follow up is required. Whilst it is common for follow-ups to be conducted after most invasive surgeries, it seems clear to us that greater care is required when it comes to a device that could cause permanent complications if something does go wrong. It is not just a case of seeing how the patient is feeling or reviewing things on a paper basis, but proper and qualified reviews should be conducted. This could also (hopefully) help to spot any early signs of issues as well.

It must also be remembered that mesh devices are intended to be permanent. It is all good and well looking to review patients at periodic intervals or within a set period of time post-surgery but, as this is meant to be a permanent solution, it seems that there should be a much greater focus on long-term reviews also. Not only that, but there are price differences between the cost of kits and meshes used, and this is not something that patients (at least in the UK) really have any control over. This is notwithstanding the fact that it takes a great deal of care and skill to be able to perform this kind of procedure, and not all surgeons may be suitable for (or capable of) being able to carry out such surgeries.

These devices are intended to improve the life of a patient yet, for many, they have done completely the opposite.

Vaginal mesh claims for compensation

Pursuing a pelvic mesh claim for personal injury compensation can be one avenue to achieve some form of justice for any long-term complications and issues. Whilst we cannot turn back the clock, what we can do is use the law to try to allow you to receive compensation for what you have been through.

You could be entitled to receive damages for any pain, suffering and loss of amenity that you have had to endure. Further, you may also be entitled to recover damages for losses and expenses, which could include money for time off work, or even for private treatment costs.

Free, no-obligation advice

You can speak to the team here now for free, no-obligation advice about pursuing compensation for any long-term complications and issues that you have suffered from.

For eligible clients, we are happy to be able to offer No Win, No Fee legal representation.

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