Can I claim compensation for vaginal mesh complications?


In recent years, vaginal mesh complications have left some patients in desperate and difficult situations. The health problems some women face after vaginal mesh surgery can have a devastating impact on their lives, significantly affecting their well-being as a result. Many victims may, understandably, feel like they have been wronged and may be asking: “can I claim compensation?”

Medical negligence is a complex area of law, with many different factors and circumstances determining your ability to potentially seek justice. However, on the whole, the basic fact remains the same: if the negligent actions of a medical professional have caused a downturn in your health, you may be able to claim compensation for any proven breach of duty.

As medical negligence specialists, we are always looking to address injustices in the healthcare system, and we believe the vaginal mesh scandal can represent one of the most serious betrayals of some patients in recent years. To address your injustice, you can contact us today for free legal advice on your potential compensation claim.

Complications that can be associated with vaginal mesh

The complications that can be associated with vaginal mesh can range widely from patient to patient, but some of the most common problems can be:

  • chronic pain;
  • bleeding;
  • infections;
  • erosion of mesh or the vaginal tissue;
  • organ perforation (e.g. of bowel or bladder);
  • nerve damage;
  • mobility difficulties;
  • relapse of prolapse or incontinence (the conditions which vaginal mesh is designed to treat).

You can read more about pelvic mesh complications on our advice page here.

Can I claim compensation? – Medical negligence and compensation claims

To justify your potential claim for medical negligence, we will need to be able to make a link between your vaginal mesh complications and any mistreatment you may have suffered from at the hands of a medical professional. So, for those asking – “can I claim compensation?” – the answer could be – “yes!” – if you have faced any of the following circumstances:

  • your doctor or a medical professional used inaccurate or aggressive surgical techniques when implanting the mesh;
  • your doctor or a medical professional failed to advise you appropriately on the risks of vaginal mesh implants, preventing you from giving informed consent;
  • your doctor or a medical professional dismissed or failed to properly diagnose and/or treat vaginal mesh complications, causing your symptoms to worsen.

There may be other circumstances in which victims can be eligible to claim compensation, but these are some of the primary ones to be aware of. In addition, you could be eligible to recover damages for any financial losses you suffered as a result of your mesh complications. This could be for things such as lost earnings due to time spent off work, or for medical expenses like pain medication costs.

Seek legal advice today

So, can I claim compensation for vaginal mesh injuries? Well, you can seek legal advice with our expert team today. Having recovered millions in damages for medical negligence victims over several years, we are experienced in helping victims achieve justice for medical product scandals, and we want to use our expertise to help you.

Go ahead and ask our team the question: can I claim compensation? Simply contact our team directly today for free, no-obligation advice, or sign up for a call-back to discuss your case when it is convenient for you.

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