Johnson & Johnson mesh settlements in Scotland

Johnson & Johnson mesh settlements

We welcome news of the Johnson & Johnson mesh settlements for Scottish patients that could see hundreds of women benefit from a multi-million-pound settlement.

We often report on the success stories, and we have seen many of them from around the world, including recent ones in the US and in Australia. News of the latest settlement across the border is encouraging as we continue to represent clients here in England and Wales.

Claimants here could also achieve settlements and we represent several women for individual personal injury compensation claims arising from vaginal mesh problems and complications

Scottish Johnson & Johnson mesh settlements

We welcome news that hundreds of women in Scotland are set to benefit from Johnson & Johnson mesh settlements understood to be in the millions. Although Scotland has a separate legal jurisdiction to what we operate in in England and Wales, any news of success is always good to see.

We understand that J & J subsidiary Ethicon has agreed the settlements that are reportedly worth £50m. Legal representatives from the pharmaceutical giant are understood to have flown to Edinburgh prior to the coronavirus lockdown where a settlement was reached.

The settlement is set to be shared between hundreds of women being represented by a number of firms north of the border. As expected, Ethicon has not accepted any liability but has nevertheless reached the agreement to resolve legal cases. Pharmaceutical giants continue to maintain that the pelvic mesh devices they make are safe to use, despite thousands of cases worldwide of patients suffering permanent and serious injuries.

Compensation in England and Wales

The Johnson & Johnson mesh settlements in Scotland do not have a direct impact on cases here in England and Wales given the separate legal jurisdictions. That being said, this is welcome news and it’s a victory for the global fight for justice for thousands of women worldwide.

Although legal jurisdictions are separate, news of the settlement can be encouraging for those claiming here in England and Wales. We are representing a number of women for pelvic mesh compensation cases on a No Win, No Fee basis where we are confident that we can also reach a settlement agreement. Given the serious problems and complications that many women have suffered from here in England and Wales, we are committed to a resolution for our clients as well.

There are some similarities between the laws across the UK nations, which is also encouraging to recognise.

Confidential and free, no-obligation advice

We are more than happy to offer free, no-obligation advice for those who wish to make a claim for compensation here in England and Wales. All inquiries are treated confidentially and there’s absolutely no obligation to proceed at all.

We can normally tell you quickly if we feel that there is a case that we can take forward for you. If we can represent you, we may also be able to offer you No Win, No Fee representation.

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