Vaginal mesh court case victory in Australia

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There has been a landmark and monumental victory in a vaginal mesh court case in Australia, and we wholeheartedly welcome this latest ruling.

Although the case can’t really have any direct impact on claims here in the UK given that our legal jurisdictions are separate, news of the victory is very much welcome over here. That being said, there are some key similarities in how the UK and Australia approach justice, so the grounds for this victory cannot be ignored.

We continue to fight for the rights of victims here in the UK; representing many claimants on a No Win, No Fee basis over a number of years.

About the vaginal mesh court case success

Over 1,350 women in Australia have won their long vaginal mesh court case against Johnson & Johnson (J&J), and we welcome the decision.

A ruling in Australia’s Federal Court reportedly found that Ethicon (a subsidiary of J&J) allegedly failed to warn both patients and surgeons about the risks their vaginal meshes posed.

The decision was made by Judge Anna Katzmann who reportedly stated that information and advice about the vaginal mesh products was “inaccurate” and that “false representations” had also been made. Talking about the risks, Judge Katzmann said that the risks “were known, not insignificant and on Ethicon’s own admission, serious harm could ensue if they eventuated”.

The original Claimant in the case is said to have described that women had been treated “like guinea pigs” and that lies had been told with nothing done to help them.

Ethicon is understood to be appealing the decision.

Worldwide battle for justice

This particular vaginal mesh court case that has succeeded is just one of many lawsuits around the world. Here in the UK, thousands of women have suffered complications and problems from the use of mesh implants, and we vow to fight for their rights to justice.

Although we can’t turn back the clock and stop what has happened and prevent the often-permanent problems patients can be left with, we can use the law to obtain some form of justice. A claim for personal injury compensation can ensure that victims receive damages to reflect any pain, suffering and loss of amenity they suffer and may be left with in the long-term. And with some women unable to walk or work ever again, claims for losses like lost earnings can be equally as important.

This victory in Australia means that the many women involved can now have some form of justice for what they have been through. We hope that any appeal made by Ethicon does not change this decisive ruling, and we will continue fight for the rights of victims here in England and Wales.

Free, no-obligation advice

If you’ve yet to start a claim for personal injury compensation but would like more information  having heard about this recent vaginal mesh court case success, we can help you.

All of our initial advice is available to you on an entirely free and no-obligation basis. If we can represent you for a case, we can also offer No Win, No Fee representation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

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