Vaginal mesh and the risk of organ perforation

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Potential vaginal mesh complications can be numerous. From reduced mobility to a relapse of urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse, they can have life-altering effects on a person’s life. One of the most damaging complications can be organ perforation, whereby the damage can extend into other organs in the area.

In some cases, vaginal mesh surgery is not fit for purpose, either causing a relapse of the condition it is supposed to treat, or causing more pain and damage than the patient was experiencing before the treatment. Some women have been kept in dark about the extent of the risks, and the poor or insufficient advice of medical professionals means many could be entitled to claim compensation.

At the Vaginal Mesh Lawyers, we are here to provide women with advice when they have been let down.

What is organ perforation?

Mesh erosion is believed to be one of the most common complications that can be caused from vaginal mesh implants, and organ perforation can result from the erosion.

After treatment, the mesh could erode vaginal tissue and breach the vaginal wall. If the erosion is significant, it could also lead to organ perforation, in which the mesh could penetrate the wall of an organ.

Typically, this can involve the bowel, urethra, bladder, or rectum.

The function of these organs can then be damaged, and there is also a consequent risk of infection due to the wound that develops. Moreover, the pain caused to women can be significant, making it difficult to move, and can often be the warning sign alerting patients to the problem of organ perforation.

However, women can be met with disbelief, inaction or misdiagnosis when they report this pain to their doctors. Some patients have received an incorrect diagnosis regarding the source of the pain and have even told that they were imagining it. Incidents such as this show disregard for women’s pain and also the ignorance surrounding organ perforation and other vaginal mesh complications.

Difficulties of follow-up treatment

Unfortunately, the remedy for vaginal mesh complications is not as simple as removing the implant. Vaginal mesh devices are designed to be permanent, so considerable problems can be encountered when trying to remove an implant, if it is even possible.

On top of this, NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) advise that there is little evidence to prove that removing the implant can alleviate symptoms. Further, a removal procedure may cause further pain and organ damage.

In cases of infection, it is possible to prescribe antibiotics, but organ perforation to the bladder or bowel may require insertion of a catheter or other medical device. As such, in many eventualities, it can be difficult for women to return their former ease of movement and way of life, and the problems can be significant and permanent.

Making a vaginal mesh compensation claim

If your life has been impacted by organ perforation or another vaginal mesh complication, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

We have brought claims for many clients who have suffered the debilitating effects of vaginal mesh implants, so we understand how severely they can affect your life; through both physical pain and mental suffering.

We can offer No Win, No Fee representation to eligible clients, through which you can claim compensation for the pain, distress, loss of amenity, and for any financial losses and medical expenses.

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