Quick FAQ about making a transvaginal mesh claim

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This is a short, handy FAQ for women who are wanting to make a transvaginal mesh claim, but aren’t sure of what that means.

We’re going to keep it simple and cover some key questions we know a lot of people may want the answers to. This includes when you can make a claim and how the costs to make a claim work.

Although our website is designed to give you all the guidance you need as a victim who wants to make a vaginal mesh claim for compensation, this quick FAQ is here as a brief overview for you.

Who can make a transvaginal mesh claim?

Any women suffering complications may be able to make a transvaginal mesh claim for compensation. We can help you if you’re based in England or Wales (Scotland and Northern Ireland have separate legal jurisdictions).

When should you start your claim?

You should start your claim for compensation as soon as you possibly can if you’re suffering with transvaginal mesh implant complications. There can be a number of deadlines and timeframes in claims of this nature. You don’t want to miss any of them and lose your chance to claim!

How much are you able to claim?

Each claim for transvaginal mesh implant compensation is different. We must assess the severity of the suffering and how this has affected you. We must also ensure to recover losses and expenses, like lost earnings for time off work.

With some women left suffering with problems for life, claim values can range from the tens of thousands to even the hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Will your transvaginal mesh claim win?

We can’t guarantee that we will be able to succeed with your mesh claim for compensation. These kinds of claims can be complicated, but we’re incredibly experienced in the areas of law required for this type of case. What we can say with confidence is that, if we can take your case forward, we will fight hard for your rights to justice.

What happens if the case loses?

For cases we take forward on a No Win, No Fee basis, we can write off our legal fees if the case doesn’t succeed. You can read more about our No Win, No Fee guarantees here.

How long does a mesh claim take?

The length of time it can take for a transvaginal mesh claim to run from start to finish is also a tricky one to answer. It can depend on factors such as how badly you’ve suffered, and whether the opponent is prepared to accept responsibility for the case.

What to do

For free, no-obligation advice about your options for claiming, please contact the team.

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