Prolapse from mesh – one of many potential complications

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Vaginal mesh is a type of medical device specifically designed to treat female health problems, including stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Unfortunately, for some women, these mesh implants have proved to be completely unfit for purpose. Not only can vaginal mesh cause intense pain, but it could also erode through vaginal tissue and other organs, meaning that prolapse from mesh could also occur.

It is completely unacceptable that so many mesh implants have proved incapable of serving the purpose for which they were designed. Some women’s lives have drastically changed in the wake of mesh complications, and the suffering must not go without justice for victims.

As specialists in medical negligence, we want to use our expertise to help victims of vaginal mesh to achieve the justice they deserve. It may be impossible to reverse the health problems you have suffered, but we can assert your rights using the law to ensure those responsible are held accountable. To find out more about making a claim, you can contact us today or leave your details in our online form to schedule a call-back.

Prolapse from mesh

Mesh implants were conceived as a means of resolving vaginal tissue problems, aiming to treat things like pelvic organ prolapse. This is a condition that occurs most commonly in older women, typically those who have undergone childbirth. However, research and accounts from patients have suggested that mesh implants do not always correct prolapse, and there can instead be a recurrence of the condition. Prolapse from mesh is, therefore, perhaps one of the cruellest complications to the treatment, as it shows to those it affects that the implant may have served no purpose at all.

Alongside prolapse from mesh, there can also be a number of other complications associated with the implants. Vaginal mesh is also capable of eroding through vaginal tissue and potentially perforating (i.e. cutting into) other organs. These kinds of further complications can cause severe pain and discomfort. Nerve damage is another possibility for some victims.

The impact on affected victims

The pain, discomfort and mobility issues that can be caused by mesh complications, including prolapse from mesh, can severely affect patients’ quality of life. As a result, patients may also suffer psychological difficulties, perhaps due to the difficulties of managing pain, or their inability to lead an active lifestyle.

In a medical negligence claim, all these factors can be evaluated to ensure the claimant receives compensation that reflects the pain and injuries that have been caused, as well as any financial losses or expenses incurred as a result. For example, if you have ongoing medication costs, or you are often forced to take time off work, the loss of money associated with these problems could be recovered as part of a claim.

Make your compensation claim with expert lawyers

As specialists in medical negligence claims and group actions, we have the expertise to represent patients affected by the vaginal mesh scandal. We have recovered millions of pounds in compensation for victims affected by a wide range of problems, with more pay-outs to come. We have the essential experience in helping victims of medical scandals to obtain the compensation they deserve.

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