$3.9m pelvic mesh settlement in US lawsuit

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In May last year, West Virginia reached a settlement with medical product manufacturer Johnson & Johnson after a state lawsuit was launched against the company over their marketing of pelvic mesh products. The $3.9m pelvic mesh settlement concludes a consumer protection case launched by Attorney General Patrick Morrisey in September 2019.

The case was filed because the representation of the risks and effectiveness of the mesh implants was regarded as allegedly misleading, a perspective that is not isolated to the US. In fact, a significant number of women here in the UK have reported suffering painful and debilitating complications as a result of the vaginal mesh products, due to risks that many were not informed about before undergoing the implant surgery.

At The Vaginal Mesh Lawyers, we can represent those who have suffered adverse consequences and complications of mesh implants. We hope that the success of this US lawsuit can be replicated for UK clients also.

The causes of the $3.9m pelvic mesh settlement

In April 2019, the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) halted the sale of transvaginal / pelvic mesh implants. The implants are used to treat issues like pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence, but have been found to cause pain, infection and bleeding, among other complications, in many women.

In part, the testimonies of the potentially devastating impact of mesh implants has helped to incite the legal action. The real-life cost can include lost jobs, families impacted, and homes changed forever. This is as well as the potentially severe impact on the victims’ mental health, with some reporting feeling suicidal.

The lawsuit in West Virginia was brought against Johnson & Johnson for their alleged perpetuation of misinformation surrounding vaginal mesh implants. It was alleged that the medical product giant had even paid consultants to write studies that proved their safety.

State Attorney General Patrick Morrisey noted that the settlement showed the state’s “commitment to hold accountable corporations who ignore potential risks and side effects”. However, a spokesperson maintained that Johnson & Johnson had not admitted liability for their marketing of the products, despite facing hundreds of millions of dollars in settlement pay-outs in other state jurisdictions also.

Enacting change in the UK

There is still much to be done in the UK to ensure that women are compensated for the suffering that they have faced due to vaginal mesh implants. The tests used to prove the safety of vaginal mesh implants have similarly been questioned here, as has the advice that doctors have given to patients before undergoing the surgery.

In future, we hope to see compensation pay-outs on the scale of the $3.9m pelvic mesh settlement that was granted in Virginia here also.

Make your compensation claim

The $3.9m pelvic mesh settlement in West Virginia shows that it is possible to sanction medical manufacturers for alleged faulty products, and this is not the only settlement to have been achieved. This is an area of law that we have a major track record in, having recovered over £1.3m in damages for UK victims of the PIP Breast Implant scandal.

If you wish to claim compensation for any injuries and suffering that you have endured as a result of a pelvic mesh implant, you can come to The Vaginal Mesh Lawyers for free, no-obligation advice.

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